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Whiteout is never to used on any documents!

As a public notary you will be called upon to witness many important documents that require a notary's seal of approval.  Never, never, never use whiteout to make a correction on any document Never use on a document to be notatized.for any reason.  I heard a "but" in the background from someone!  There is no exception or reason for whiteout, end of sentence. 

If there is a mistake by you or the customer, cross out the incorrect information using a single line (not scribbly-scratch like the kiddies) and enter the correct information. Always initial or have the customer initial any corrections or modifications to a document.

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Good reminder.  I have seen escrow officers use whith out on a grant deed to correct a name before.  (Not for a long time, though.)

Posted by Joe Virnig, No Ordinary Joe (RE/MAX Gold Coast REALTORS, Ventura County, California) over 8 years ago

Like this?                                                         end
There is no exception or reason for whiteout, send of sentence.        RP

Posted by Ron Parise ( over 8 years ago

Gee, where have I been, I did not think people still invested or used whiteout. I thought technology replaced the need for this. If you need to make a correction why not use the borrower copy.

Posted by Jacqueline Dyson (Dyson's Mobile Notary Service) over 8 years ago

Yep, they still make it and sell it and Joe knows of escrow officers who use it on grant deeds.  Whiteout is alive and well! 

Posted by Find a Notary Public needAnotary (QEC Internet Services) over 8 years ago

I usually do what Jacqueline suggested if possible, but definitely NO WHITEOUT!

Posted by Denise OnullDell, Mobile Notary Public/Real Estate Agent (Santa Clarita Mobile Notary) over 8 years ago

I have worked with Dr.s that had used pencil on medical records!  (??)  I have had meetings with my staff when I was an office manager about the inappropriate use of white-out on medical records.  Now that I am in the loan signing industry, it amazes me that people perceive this practice of covering up mistakes with white-out as acceptable.  I have yet to deal with eraseable pens...


Cheryl Lee Anderson

Posted by Cheryl Lee Handavaka, 951-514-9205 - Riverside Notary Loan Signing Services (Cheryl Lee Handavaka Mobile Notary Public) over 8 years ago

Jacqueline--Sometimes there is a typo if importance. That would exsist on the borrower's copy also.

I have had borrower's get upset with me because I would not let them white out something, but corrected it with one line and all intialing.

The most common mistake I run into is the venue--it will be completely or partially typed in and either the state or county or sometimes both are wrong.

Posted by Mary Ellen Elmore over 8 years ago

Ron - Good looking out, thanks.  Four eyes are better than two!

Mary Ellen - Some clients can be a handful or completely uncooperative at times.  Other times you run into the nicest of people.

Cheryl - I actually saw an eraseable pen

Ballpoint Ink Pen, Erasable, Medium Point, Black

Posted by Find a Notary Public needAnotary (QEC Internet Services) over 8 years ago

Funny story about white-out...we had a receptionist who typed up the labels for our folders on a newer typewriter (the kind that come with correction ribbon...)  I looked down at the typewriter one day, and all over the top where the letters print was whiteout! 

(yes, she was, there wasn't whiteout on the computer screen!)

Posted by Amy O'Laughlin almost 8 years ago